Agriturismo la Terra - Dove è bello il tempo che passa

A lifestyle choice


To welcome at the farmhouse La Terra there are Ilaria and Pierpaolo with their children Gilla and Bernardo and their dogs Lilli and Zac. Ours is the story of a family who has chosen to leave the city to live in contact with nature, follow the rhythms and share with friends and guests the positive aspects of this choice.

Until now we have spent our entire life in the city: cities, overlooking the sea or crowded with skyscrapers, forced to change by the needs of the company for which Pierpaolo worked for more than 15 years.

This time, we have decided to drive our destiny. We did not want to change the place to live as we have always done, but we want to change the way of understanding life.

Our dream has become a reality with the creation in 2013 of the Farm and Farm Earth, that with in its name captures the essence of our choice: to live in harmony with the nature by respecting and working the land and its products, to create for us and our guests a place of peace and harmony where it is nice to spend some good time.